windows 10 creators update

Windows 10 Creators Update is just around the corner. Come spring of 2017, the Windows maker Microsoft promised to push out their windows 10 creator updates to all windows 10 devices.

In their press release this week, Microsoft promised to release Windows Creator updates for free. Yes, i said for free on all of the roughly 400 million Windows 10 devices already out there. It’s nice to see that no-cost updates for operating systems are still a thing—as they should be. Even though not much specifics were published, I managed to get a quick tip on the new features that we should expect from the creator updates.

These are the top five changes that you should expect from Windows 10 creator updates.

Action Center in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update Action Center
The new Microsoft Windows 10 creators update action center

You are to see changes in the notification center (Action Center) in the new Windows Creators update. Expect to see different volume and screen brightness sliders. The new sliders will provide the capability to adjust sliders values in smaller increment than the 25% level that is currently offered as quick actions. That’s not all expect to see windows themes in store.

Themes for Windows 10 Now in Store

Windows 10 Creators Update Themes in the Windows Store
Windows 10 creators update themes in Windows store

Microsoft is going to start selling Windows 10 themes from the Windows Store. They added a new section to windows store called personalization were a collection of windows themes will be sold. Is that all? No, there is the people bar.

People bar in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update People bar
Windows 10 Creators Update People bar

In the people bar, you are about to experience the simplest ways of sending emails and Skype messages to you favorite friends without opening those specific apps. When clicked, people bar will open up a window form which you will enable you to switch back and forth from Skype to mails. What else? The Full pen support in MS Word.

Full pen support for Microsoft Word in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update Full pen support in Microsoft Word
Windows 10 creators update full pen support for MS Word

Microsoft says its time to drop our good old keyboards and start writing into Microsoft Word directly. Do you remember Windows Ink introduction earlier this year? Finally the reality of full writing support in MS Word looks like has arrived with Windows 10 Creators Update. This change will enable you to manipulate, edit and do deletion of text efficiently and also be able to leave comments with pen only or call it ink. Last but not least, the Edge tab browsing.

Edge tab browsing in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update Edge tab browsing
Windows 10 Creators Update Edge tab browsing

The new Edge browser in the Creators Update is going to be able to manage session that will enable you as a user to restore tabs from before edge was closed or rebooted even for those tabs that were open days or weeks ago.

Those are the best five changes that you should expect from Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update which Microsoft promised to release in the Spring or 2017.

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